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8 Ways to Save New York Farms and Farmland

Make Your Voice Heard

Use American Farmland Trust’s New York Action Network to let New York legislators and decision makers know that you care about food and farm policy! Stay up-to-date on developments in your area and around the country by signing up for American Farmland Trust’s E-Newsletter.

Share the Bounty

Prepare meals for family and friends with delicious, local New York food and enjoy the freshest foods the season has to offer. Find great recipes from local food champions in AFT’s bi-monthly newsletter—Farm Fresh News.

Go Shopping with a Message

Donate today to American Farmland Trust and support our work to protect farms and ranches and expand local foods. You’ll receive a No Farms No Food totebag to help spread the word when you’re shopping at your favorite local food markets.

Know Your Farming Neighbors . . .

Learn the latest about the people and places that make New York special at AFT’s Focus on New York page. See how folks around the state are working with local, state and federal government to protect farms at AFT’s New York Policy Update.

. . . And Make Policy Personal

Learn more about the specific challenges facing farms in New York and find out what you can do to help. Use AFT’s Farmland Information Center’s website to find all the resources you need to help farmers stay on the land.

Become a Steward of the Land

Download the New York Agricultural Landowner Guide for free to get the details on protecting your farmland for future generations.

Tell Officials in Your Town that Local Food Relies on Local Farmland

Be an active citizen and weigh in on farming issues in your area! Affect decisions made by your local zoning board or planning commission. Get started with our fact sheet, “Is Your Town Planning a Future for Farms?

Educate Your Community

Write an editorial for your local paper about the importance of farmland to your community. Show your support for farmland issues and advocate for sound farm and food policy by supporting farmland protection or advocating for changes in farm policy. Use our sample text.