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Want Local Food? Got To Have Local Farmland!

Jesica-Hi-res_200x201We all need food, and have learned local food is the best—for us, our economy and the environment. We love our farmers markets, CSAs and farm stands but we must remember one very important thing. Food comes from farmland, and we are losing farmland fast. In New York State, we have lost almost 4,500 farms to real estate development since the 1980s.

High costs and global competition are putting our farmers out of business, forcing them to sell their land to the highest bidder. How can we have local food if we let all our local farmland get eaten up by houses, shopping malls and giant parking lots? We have to stop losing farmland now!

Take action to save New York’s farms and farmland.

Buy Local Save Farms in Your Community ● Spread the Word
No Farms No Food®!


American Farmland Trust created these videos and infographics to help all of us communicate more effectively about the threat posed by farmland loss to the security of our local food supply in New York.  Please share these new resources at meetings and gatherings, post on your website or blog, circulate through social media or e mail links to your contacts. Get people talking about the importance of local farmland to local food.


No Farms No Food®:  Join the New York Movement—Spread the Word!

AFT_NY_food-in-path-of-devel-C [PDF]

Download map [PDF]

Financial support for this project comes from the Environmental Protection Fund and New York State Conservation Partnership Program in collaboration with the Land Trust Alliance and state Department of Environmental Conservation.

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